Challenger Presents produces mind-blowing musical events and develops performing artists in the Bay Area and beyond.

Our cooperative event planning philosophy encourages collaboration with a variety of artists and event producers from coast-to-coast who share our vision for crafting uniquely cutting-edge musical experiences.

The seeds of Challenger Presents were sown when two childhood friends, Marcos Gabriel Morales and Joshua Lee Hoffman, started blowing up parties together in high school.

During college, Marcos helped birth Spanish Moss Productions, the coordinator of Euphonia and Down on the Farm grassroots music festivals (which have since morphed into the Bear Creek Music Festival held each Fall at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, Florida.) In 2006, Marcos relocated to the West Coast and laid down some roots in the Bay Area, where he continues his quest to perpetuate his love of live music, art and culture.

Joshua is a life-long musician who has played shows everywhere from Miami to San Francisco and opened for regional and national touring acts. Since 2001, he has served as a manager, booking agent and promoter for bands and festivals. His ample experience as both a performing artist and a handler of the business side of things grants him a universal perspective on band development and music industry finance.